Sunday, 21 September 2014

Things I Use On My Face

Things I Use On My Face - 21/09/2014

(photos will be added tomorrow)

I change my skin/face routine quite often so I am going to say that this is the first of a few posts on this. All of these products are either from Lush or The Body Shop simply because I find that their products work best with my skin (this is in no way sponsored).

The first thing I use is usually The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash. I use this to wash my face daily - sometimes twice - as it really cleans my skin and clears up spots as it has tea tree in it. The tea tree also makes it smell great which is a bonus.

The next thing I use is the Herbalism cleanser by Lush. I personally hate the smell of this product although it does do it's job.

After that, I use one of two products, the Mask Of Magnaminty by Lush or the De-Stressing Face Mask by Superdrug. Mask of Magnminty - there are multiple reasons I love this product, 1) The smell is one of my favourites ever 2) It clears up my spots and makes my skin feel super soft. 3) The name is a pun and I really love puns. De-Stressing Face Mask - this mask completely strips my pores and cleans my skin, it also leaves my face feeling super soft although is stronger than the lush mask.

Finally I use The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner (do you see a Tea Tree pattern here or?). I use this to kind of dry out my spots which it does very well. 

That's all for this week, sorry it is short but I have homework and stuff.
Also I wont be posting next weekend as I am going to post on Monday 6th October and then again on the 8th (if not it will be the Sunday) as I am seeing The Vamps on the 5th and The Maine on the 7th!!

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