Sunday, 26 October 2014

Is It Just Me Or... Tag + Update

Hey guys look who's back !!

So I should probably explain where I have been over the last few weeks. To start with, I said that I was going to post a concert experience for The Maine and The Vamps as I saw them both a couple of weeks back although school has been pretty intense. As some of you may know I am in year 11, this means that I am completing coursework and exams this year. In the past two weeks I have has 2 maths and one PE exam hence why I haven't updated the blog. Also my anxiety levels have been a lot higher therefore making me more weary and less confident about what I am writing. Anyway, I'm going to cut out the excuses and let you know whats going on; I will post the concert experience at some point although I am seeing Bribry on Monday so I will probably include that too but right now I have been tagged by my wonderful friend Charlotte ( ) to do the Is It Just Me Or ... Tag, originally made by Amy from

Amy's description of the tag:
You know when you have those weird moments where things happen to you or you thing about something and then you wonder if it's just you that does these random and weird things? Well I've had an idea to write about them so whoever is reading can think omg it is not just me that does this !

These are the things that make me wonder, is it just me or...
  • When reading a book I always picture it around my life. I find it really hard to get into the book if it doesn't relate to me or my life. This is probably the reason Fangirl (By Rainbow Rowell) and Paper towns (By John Green) are my favourite books. (I know paper towns isn't directly related to me but I like mystery's and romance, both of which are involved in this book!)
  • Another thing I do is when writing (in my case usually a song or a blog post) I forget what I am doing half way through and then get really angry at myself. Not even kidding I had to re read this sentence because I forgot the point... oops.
  • Finally, if I have a bunch of things in front of me such as on my school desk, I have to arrange them in perfect order. If they aren't straight and neat I start to feel anxious and very  uneasy. I know this sounds crazy but it's about to sound crazier because I'm not even a tidy or organised person. My room is messy and so is my head although my laptop files, wardrobe (well the clothes in it), make up and stationary are all organised perfectly. 
That is all from me, I am going to tag anyone reading this!

Have a good week and I'll be back soon x

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