Friday, 5 September 2014

Monthly Favourites - August

I couldn't have survived this month without these products; well I probably could but they are still pretty great!

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My first beauty favourite is the Topshop lipstick Innocent. This lipstick is a very creamy pink colour that I think will be perfect for when I go back to school. This is a lipstick that is perfect for everyday wear as it is long lasting and doesn't dry out my lips.

The next is also from Topshop and is a lip paint called Reminisce that is now my go to lip product. This lip paint is honestly one of the best lip gloss' that I have purchased so far as the colour is long lasting, not sticky and holds it's shine. I could rave about this product all day but I do have some other things to talk about so I can't.

Another of my beauty favourites from this month is the Rimmel match perfection foundation (I wear shade 010 Light Porcelain). This foundation is very light weight yet still covers what I need it to. I get a lot of red blemishes on my chin and naturally rosy cheeks; this foundation cancels out a most of it meaning I don't really need to use concealer with it unless I have major spots.

My last beauty favourite for this month is the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I have been using this brush since March and I still really love the coverage of the brush. It also feels super soft which is an absolute bonus!


My favourite albums of this month are:

Masterpiece Theatre - Marianas Trench
My Everything - Ariana Grande
X - Ed Sheeran
Close The Distance - Go Radio
Memory Lane - McFly

These are my most played songs this month


My favourite films of this month are Guardians Of The Galaxy and Amazing Spider-Man 2. These films are both really action packed, adventurous and funny. One thing you should know about me is that I adore Spider-Man; old films, new films and comic's. Growing up with and older brother made me really like superheros (and Transformers but I'll save that for another time!) I did watch this film when it first came out and cried but it recently came out on dvd so I can now relive the excellence! 

Clothes - 

My favourite store this month (the same as most other months) is Boohoo. Last month I ordered a few things from the online store and they are now my favourite items of clothing. To start is a grey and white striped shift dress with short sleeves. Unfortunately I can't seem to find this item on the website anymore but here is a photo of me wearing it.

My next fashion favourite, which is also from Boohoo, is a denim vest jacket with badges on. I love this jacket as it gives a rocker vibe to any look. I found that it looked really good with either leggings or a dress and converse.

Another of my fashion favourites is the tank tops from Topshop however they aren't normal tank tops. The straps on the back are closer together and the tops are slightly cropped. The material of these tops is so soft and the colouring is perfect. I have the colours white and grey and I really love them for dressy or casual outfits.

My final fashion favourite of this month is a pair of all black slip on vans. I bought these for school and I have fallen in love with them. They are the most comfortable shoes I own and as they are all black, go with most of the clothes I wear. I know for sure that these will be getting a lot of wear.

I don't have all that many other favorites this month although I didn't want to leave this section out therefore I have put a few of my bath/body favourites also into this category. My first other favourite is the Lush Mask of Magnaniminty. This is a peppermint smelling face and back pack that helps get rid of acne and blemishes. This mask makes my skin feel so smooth and clears up my spots. I tend to use this every 2/3 days as it is exfoliating although it does do a great job.

My next favourite is the strawberry flavoured Poptarts. I love Poptarts at any time of the day as a small snack as they take about 1 minute in the toaster. If you have never had them before, they are a biscuit kind of base with icing and sprinkles on top and a strawberry jam inside. I don't usually like strawberry flavoured things (despite loving strawberry's) although the strawberry Poptarts are deffinately my favourite.

My favourite drink this month is the Pink Lemonade Lucozade. It is my favourite flavour and it is just a very nice drink. (Idk how to explain drinks I'm sorry)

My final favourite this month is 5 Seconds of Summer's iTunes Festival performance. Being one of my favourite bands does make me slightly biased towards them but the performance was so good and they seemed so happy and at home on stage along with their vocals being on point. Go give it a listen!

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