Friday, 29 August 2014


Hey guys!

Just a short post for today so I have decided to do an outfit of the day. I will probably do around 1 or 2 of these a month just because they are fun, short and easy for me to do. (prices and links are listed below)

My outfit included a simple black vest top from NewLook that I bought about 8 months ago, a red tartan skirt from Forever21 that I re-found in my wardrobe from a while ago and finally my black converse that I bought this time last year and are now well and truly ruined paired with black frilly socks from TopShop.

My accessories include a black tattoo choker from eBay, a black string necklace with a lizard on it that Hannah brought back for me from her holiday in Spain last month, a simple gold chain necklace with a ruby gem that i received from my great aunt around 3 years ago and finally the bracelets i wear pretty much daily.

The bracelets I'm wearing are a blue,black and white string bracelet that I got from Skegness market last month, a cream string bracelet with wooden and plastic gems(?) that I got from Salt Rock in Torquay, a pink yarn bracelet that I bought from Claire's to match Tia (, a clip on Pierce The Veil bracelet and finally my All Time Low tour replica as my tour bracelet broke </3.

That's all really as I didn't go anywhere other than over to my Nan's (hence the background of the photo).


Links & Prices

Black Tattoo Choker - The item isn't sold any more but I got it from this account
Lizard Necklace - Random market in Spain
Gold Chain - Not sure where from as has been passed down through the family
Blue String Bracelet - Skegness Market
Cream String Bracelet - Cant find it on the website
Pink Yarn Bracelet - Not on Website