Friday, 27 February 2015

Quick, Easy and Cheap Gift Ideas

Hello everyone, this post is going to give you a bunch of cheap fun and easy gift ideas for your friends and family!
  • Memory Book or Jar
Price - Free 
Need  - Paper, Pens, Jar or Book
A memory book or memory jar is a cheap and easy way to show your friend or family member that your care about them. I have found that the best way to do this is through out the year write down any special memory's or events that you have experienced together and coming up to the gift giving you can either write them in a pretty note book or place them into a jar! I think this is a really do-able, inexpensive and fun way to give a gift to someone. (A quick tip here - to get a nice jar with out directly paying much money to can clean out an old candle or coffee pot)
  • Spa in a Jar
Price - £5
Need - Jar, your choice of products (a few ideas - face mask, travel mini's, nail varnish, nail file etc)
Spa in a jar is another fun gift to give someone, yes it is a little more expensive than the memory jar but I think this could still be done for around £5. If you are looking for a practical gift rather than a meaningful gift I think this is a really good idea. 
  • Plan a Picnic
Price - Depends on the food
Need - Food, Blanket, Sun
This is a really inexpensive, fun and easy way to spend someone's birthday if it's in a summer month. This is one of my favourite's a it is a nice way to spend time together and have a lot of fun! I guarantee memories will be made if you try this gift. 
  • Bake
Price - Depends on what you bake (but bake kits are available for around £1)
Need - Bake kit or home ingredients
Baking for a friend is enjoyable for both you and the friend/family member for not too much money! Baking shows that you have taken time to make something for them, it's a personal present. 

I hope these helped some of you, leave a comment if you have any other ideas please! 

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