Friday, 29 August 2014


Hey guys!

Just a short post for today so I have decided to do an outfit of the day. I will probably do around 1 or 2 of these a month just because they are fun, short and easy for me to do. (prices and links are listed below)

My outfit included a simple black vest top from NewLook that I bought about 8 months ago, a red tartan skirt from Forever21 that I re-found in my wardrobe from a while ago and finally my black converse that I bought this time last year and are now well and truly ruined paired with black frilly socks from TopShop.

My accessories include a black tattoo choker from eBay, a black string necklace with a lizard on it that Hannah brought back for me from her holiday in Spain last month, a simple gold chain necklace with a ruby gem that i received from my great aunt around 3 years ago and finally the bracelets i wear pretty much daily.

The bracelets I'm wearing are a blue,black and white string bracelet that I got from Skegness market last month, a cream string bracelet with wooden and plastic gems(?) that I got from Salt Rock in Torquay, a pink yarn bracelet that I bought from Claire's to match Tia (, a clip on Pierce The Veil bracelet and finally my All Time Low tour replica as my tour bracelet broke </3.

That's all really as I didn't go anywhere other than over to my Nan's (hence the background of the photo).


Links & Prices

Black Tattoo Choker - The item isn't sold any more but I got it from this account
Lizard Necklace - Random market in Spain
Gold Chain - Not sure where from as has been passed down through the family
Blue String Bracelet - Skegness Market
Cream String Bracelet - Cant find it on the website
Pink Yarn Bracelet - Not on Website 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Paperchase Back-To-School / Stationary Haul

Like many of you I am going back to school next Tuesday. This has given me an excuse to go and buy too many stationary pieces from one of my favourite shops... Paperchase! (I will link all products at the end)

I ordered a bunch of things from Paperchase yesterday and my box arrived the next day. I would also like to point out how good the service was, the website was very easy to use and the delivery service sent me a text to tell me when I should expect my delivery - between 1 and 2 pm - (it arrived on time).

The first thing I saw when I opened the box was the pack of three A5 notepads in colours green, blue and red. These are really cool as well as being perfect to keep pretty much anything in. You can never have too many notebooks!

Next were the 4 pack of pastel sharpies in the colours pink, green, blue and purple. I love sharpies as they are great to decorate your text books along with just looking pretty in general. I used the sharpies to write my name on the front of the red notepad (see photo).

After the sharpies was the pack of assorted card. I like to have random pieces of card around because you never know when your are going to need so silver card right? Probably not but it looks nice ok!?

Another useless thing I got was some grey polka dot washi tape. This tape isn't just used to wrap presents, it can also be used to decorate notebooks and other stationary pieces. I used it to make a calendar along with the calendar stickers I also bought. (see photo)

Now onto the calendar stickers I just spoke about. The stickers were one of my favourite things as they are so useful for school. The stickers started from July 2014 to June 2015 which is a whole school year. There were 5 in a pack, this was a really great surprise as I only paid around £1.50 for the packet!

The final thing I bought was a 10 subject notebook which was an insanely good price at only £8!!! This might be the best (and most useful) thing I bought in this haul as it will come in handy when I need to revise for my GCSE's. I stuck the calendar stickers and washi tape onto the back of the notebook to make a useful calendar on the back.


first post♡

I have been wanting to start a blog for so long now but have never gotten the hang of this website. Anyway, to start off I should probably tell you a bit about myself♡

Hi my name is Emily (preferably Em) and I am 15 years old. My birthday is 7th February and I am about to go into year 11. I am from Birmingham, England and have lived here all my life. My interests include make up, music, fashion, writing and my ukulele. 

My favourite brands of makeup are Mac and Rimmel, especially their lipsticks. I have a soft spot for Lush and The Body Shop as their products do wonders to my skin (blog post to come!).

The music I listen to varies daily from One Direction to A Day To Remember. My favourite bands are McFly, All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer and Blink-182. I enjoy going to concerts (another blog post to come!) and listening to music in general. Bands and concerts mean a lot to me as I met most of my best friends through concerts/bands. 

To me fashion is a way to express the way you feel, for example I am a pessimist (this means I look at the negative rather than positive in situations) therefore wear black, grey and generally dark colours where as my Nan is very happy-go-lucky and optimistic, this shows as she wears floral print and bright colours. My favourite clothing shops are H&M and Topshop (also Hot Topic but I'm British and have only ever received gifts from there and not actually been myself).

Probably my favourite hobby is to write. I like to write anything from lists to detailed story's about dragons and wizards. Even though I am a sucker for a good romance book/movie I really enjoy action packed stories where there are heroes, villains and lots of fighting. 

That's all for now but I will update soon so bye loves - em♡